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First Place Documentary
East Lansing Film Festival, LMFC


Before watching I wasn’t exactly sure what this issue was all about.  This film has totally opened my eyes to stem cell research.
- A.D.  

I am very much pro-life and I’m thankful that I saw this film because it presented the facts.  This film definitely impacted my view on stem cell research. 
- S.A.

The film and discussion today played an important part in providing the awareness necessary to play an active part in stem cell research awareness.  It brought home a lot of the issues that before seemed distant.  I want to play a part in this movement by educating people and anything else that I can do to make a difference.
- M.N.

This film gave me a clear understanding of where stem cells come from as I wasn’t sure before.  Now I have a more valid point that I could intelligently discuss with another or teach another person.  Thanks for showing this film!
- H.R.

This film greatly increased my knowledge about stem cell research.  I understand it a lot better now and feel that I could explain it to someone else.  I never realized that embryonic cells could be used to cure so many diseases.  The film made me realize just how exciting stem cell research is!
- D.N.