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Michael Rubyan
Michael is a Pre-Med student majoring in film at the University of Michigan.  He produces documentary films that address current social issues affecting people’s lives.  As the lead filmmaker for Life is for the Living, he believes in the power of film as a vehicle to help support and promote positive changes in public policy. Michael’s films are designed to help audiences understand different issues that face the national and international community and ways in which people can help to make change.  Michael’s interest in medicine and background in science prompted the film, Life is for the Living, as an opportunity to highlight the importance of moving forward on promising medical research that can save lives.

Deborah Orley
Deborah is a business and lifecoach, writer, and filmmaker.  She embraces the importance of speaking out on issues that affect people’s lives.   She is the founder of a non-profit organization, Project S.N.A.P., whose mission is to help students develop become socially responsible leaders using art with a message to address such issues as global climate change and finding peaceful solutions through collaboration.  In the same way, she views film as a form of art that gives people the opportunity to speak out on key issues affecting their lives. Deborah is also an accomplished author of a collection of short stories, essays, and poetry.