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The stories of five American families living with the painful realities of Juvenile Diabetes, Parkinson’s, and Spinal Cord Injury set against the national debate over embryonic stem cell research. As the debate continues in Washington and across the country, three generations reveal their challenges, their frustration with the President’s policy, and the hope that more funding for embryonic stem cell research will lead to new treatments and cures to relieve their suffering and save their lives.

Life is for the Living also explores the science behind stem cell research and the political debate taking place across the nation. The film includes an introduction by CBS 60 Minutes' Mike Wallace and interviews with the nation's leading scientific researchers, political leaders, and advocates.


Introduction by Mike Wallace
CBS 60 Minutes






The Honorable Janet Reno
Former United States Attorney General






Senator Carl Levin
United States Senator (D-MI)






Governor Jennifer M. Granholm
Governor, State of Michigan






Congressman Michael Castle
United States Congressman (R-DE)






Congressman Joe Schwarz
Former United States Congressman (R-MI)






Dr. Sean Morrison, Director
University of Michigan
Center for Stem Cell Biology





Dr. Clive Svendsen
University of Wisconsin Madison






Dr. David T. Scadden
Co-Director, Harvard Stem Cell Institute






Dr. Stuart H. Orkin
Chair, Department of Pediatric Oncology
Harvard Medical School






Dr. Amy Wagers
Harvard Stem Cell Institute





Dr. Alejandro Sánchez Alvarado
University of Utah School of Medicine






Dr. Robert Lanza
VP Research, Advanced Cell Technology






Doug Wick and Lucy Fisher , Co-Founders






Sean Tipton, President
Coalition for the Advancement
of Medical Research





Amy Rick, CEO
Parkinson’s Action Network